Williamsport Area Computer Club     
Meeting minutes / newsletter - September, 1996	
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Kathy read several messages received via the Club home page. Sharon Souter
offered to reply to a request for local family info, Mike Latcher offered to
help gbaker@sunlink.net construct a home page for a Vietnam Veterans group.
Lou reported that Prolog has removed the "who" command from the local node
command list, severely limiting our
ability to identify and email local Prolog users. John Drawbaugh was asked
to try to identify area AOL users. 
The Bylaws were adopted by a unanimous vote. They will be posted on the Club
home pages soon. The following
people were nominated and elected to serve as officers (following Gene
Loveland's motion - 2nd by John Yarosz that the nominated ballot become the
elected ballot, and the Secretary be instructed to cast one unanimous vote
for the slate- motion passed):  Kathy Kolb - President (kkolb@sunlink.net),
Jim Shaffer - Vice President
(jshaffer@csrlink.net), Willis Beaver - Treasurer (wcom@pennet.net), and
Sharon Souter - Secretary
(disc@prolog.net). They will serve through 1997.
Joe Smertneck reported on  the process of obtaining NFP status, State of PA
info. He was asked to continue his
efforts. Since the initial dues collected will not cover the cost to
incorporate as a Non-Profit organization, we'd appreciate some donations for
these costs. Contact Joe - joeas@csrlink.net
Computerfest - 
A letter from RV Productions was circulated. Daniel Yoas suggested that
several people try to attend the upcoming computer show in Altoona - contact
Daniel if interested - dyoas@jvbrown.edu
Computer Recycling (giving old computers new homes) - 
Mike Latcher brought in some hardware which was redirected at the end of the
meeting, Bob Garrett and North
Central Sight Services gave some software and several boxes of 3.5" DD/DS
760k disks which we will distribute with older systems. Kathy mentioned Penn
State's SCRONGE program, and suggested WACC consider becoming a
North Central PA computer networking / Freenet site
Sharon reported that davis.dal.net is a good Dalnet connection to try - wacc
IRC channel is located on Dalnet.
Help (offering help to computer users who need it)
Bill Twaddell, Willis Beaver (IBM), Ken Young (Macs), Jim Cridge (Hardware)
Joe Smertneck would welcome help on Entombed and Phantasmagora. Several
inquiries have been answered on the
wacc-chat mailing list. See the end of this message for info on how to
subscribe to the wacc-chat mailing list.
Carole Fulmer contacted the Club requesting help using a computer. She is a
volunteer with the Alzheimer's Support Group - Divine Providence Hospital
and the North Eastern PA Alzheimer's Association. If you can help Carol, her
phone number is 322-4185. 
Local BBS / ISP / Computer Retailer news
A full page ad from NAC regarding their upcoming Internet access was
circulated. Kathy reported that NAC has been contacted, and will copy WACC
with press releases.
Information was received regarding a telephone company change that may have
significant impact on local ISP nodes and coverage. More info will appear in
future newsletters as it becomes available. In a related request: please
send us your new email address info when you change ISPs, so we can keep the
mailing list databases current. 
No speaker was scheduled, due to the time taken adopting the Bylaws and
electing officers. We hope to have a speaker for the October meeting, more
details on the wacc-announce mailing list when available. Susquehanna
Communications has requested they speak to the Club in November or December
regarding their Internet plans and cable system upgrade.
Gene Loveland made a motion to adjourn, Lou Kolb seconded the motion. Motion
passed. Several people went to
Benjie's (Penn St. and Washington Blvd.) afterward for further visiting and
Next  meeting date: Tuesday, October 8, 1996 - 7 pm, Lycoming College
Academic Center, Williamsport.
Local Internet Service Provider (ISP) info:
	SunLink	     	326-4781	www.sunlink.net
	Pennet		368-1577	www.pennet.net
	Prolog 		1-800-804-5783	www.prolog.net
	Third Wave 	1-800-474-8198	www.third-wave.com
	Uplink		327-8000	www.csrlink.net
	Microserve	1-800-380-INET	www.microserve.com
	Voicenet	1-800-835-5710	www.voicenet.com
Williamsport Area Computer Club contact info:- home page:
Kathy Kolb - 326-7529 (voice) - kkolb@sunlink.net (email)  
Local BBSs: Lycoming Link 321-6440, Cyberville 326-4362 
IRC channel Tuesday and Sunday evenings on irc.dal.net (  /join  #WACC  )
wacc-chat mailing list- send a message to wacc-chat-request@sunlink.net with
the word subscribe in the subject.