Next WACC meeting is Tuesday, Nov. 11, Lycoming College Academic Center,
Room B-309 at 7 p.m. We will be electing officers for 1998, reviewing club
activities of 1997 and discussing events, projects and programs for next
year. Plan to attend and bring a comment & an idea.
Williamsport Area Computer Club
Meeting Minutes / Newsletter - October 1997
Kathy Kolb, President called the meeting to order, followed by an
introduction of new guests. Last month's meeting minutes were revised to
include Lewis Kuhns volunteering to assemble PC's instead of Sharon.
Treasurer's Report: No report this month.
Club Advertising / Awareness / Public Relations / Membership / Home Page:
A discussion was held on supplying WACC business cards to computer
retailers. It was decided to include our club's name, logo and URL on the
cards.  John Yarosz reported that Staples can print 1000 of them for
$10.00.  Wayne Palmer volunteered to design a prototype for the club.
Our revised membership form will include fields to help construct a
database of member's names, addresses and e-mails for the club members.
No news.
Computer Swap Meet  / Hamfest:
Williamsport / Lycoming Chamber High Tech Expo looks promising for next year.
An April 98 Computer swap meet is planned for Berwick.  See Kathy for more
Computer Recycling: (Giving old computers new homes)
Willis donated 5 monitors to the club, which are being repaired for use.
North Central PA computer networking / Freenet site:
The next Community Net (Market Square) Support Group meeting is planned for
Oct. 19, from 2 - 4 p.m. at the James V. Brown Library. People interested
in helping county non-profit organizations build a web presence, contact
Daniel or Kathy
Dan reported that the Library has registered a new domain name for this
project of The library is also adding 4 new Internet terminals
for a total of 11. 
Help: (offering help to computer users who need it)
WACC Mac effort needs encouragement.  A discussion was held again on how we
can help the Mac users find each other.  
Local BBS / ISP / Computer Retailer news: has an Internet node in Muncy.
UpLink, Williamsport, users can now access 56k accounts by notifying them.
They are also hosting a support group meeting for subscribers as an
appreciation mixer conditional upon user interest.
Other Concerns:
Agape fellowship is not going to enlarge their "World Fair" this year, so
we will not be involved. They'll contact us next year if something changes
and they think we'd fit in somewhere.
A discussion was held in regards to moving our meeting place.  The Library
not available due to space limitations at this time.
It was brought up that some PC vendors are no longer supplying original
software with their systems.  Everyone is reminded to make a backup copy of
you new system if this is the case for you.
WLCC Advanced Telecommunications - Information Technologies Committee is
planning a bus trip to New York City on Wednesday, December 10 to attend
the Fall Internet World trade show. Contact Kathy Kolb
for more info.
Lock Haven University has two programs they sent us information on. They're
hosting an introductory program for older adults coming up in January. and a computer camp
in the summer Contact Julie
Fabsik-Swarts at (717)893-2500 or e-mail at
Jim Shaffer presented a very informative "Intro to Linux" demonstration.
Linux is a very popular public domain operating system, which is a Unix
clone.  Some of the advantages of Linux are that it's free and is
continually updated all by volunteers. It can be run in conjunction with
Windows, but not at the same time. An advantage it has over Windows is
better memory management.
Meeting adjourned.
Next meeting date is Tuesday, November 11, 1997 at 7:00 p.m. It will be
held at Lycoming College Academic Center Room B309. Election of Officers
will be held for the coming year.  
Upcoming Programs include "HTML - building a simple personal home page" by
Kathy, "Upgrading your computer" by Willis Beaver, and "The challenge of
computer literacy in Lycoming County" by David Hughes, from "The Fourth R"
in Muncy.
Williamsport Area Computer Club contact info:
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