Williamsport Area Computer Club
Meeting minutes & newsletter - October, 1996
* (please be sure to read ISP news section for important info) *
Kathy Kolb, President, called the meeting to order, followed by an
introduction of new guests.  21 people were present. Last months meeting
minutes were accepted as circulated.
Willis Beaver, Treasurer reported $61.00 in our account, having 15 paid
members.  Willis will pursue a checking account at Northern Central Bank for
our pending Non-profit Organization.
Joe Smertneck reported good and bad news in his dealings while pursuing NFP
status for us. The good was that we don't have to file for a fictitious
name.  The bad was the amount of funds needed to obtain NFP status were
estimated between $400.00 To $700.00.  Vito Sylvester suggested that maybe
we could possibly do this under an Umbrella or Parent Organization.  He will
work with Joe on this issue. The Club welcomes legal help and / or donations
for this project. Please contact Joe - joeas@csrlink.net .
Kathy reported that our home page was updated and the bylaws are now online.
We have had over 2200 hits on the club home page at
http://www.sunlink.net/wacc.  The Wacc Announce email list includes over 150
area computer and internet users, and the wacc-chat mailing list has 47
Club Advertising I Awareness I Public Relations I Membership / Home Page:
John Drawbaugh gave us a list of 25 Montoursville AOL subscribers. They'll
be sent a note about the Club.
CSR Uplink has invited the Club for a tour of their building. The CSR visit
has been tentatively rescheduled  for Friday, November 8 at 7:30PM.  This is
a different date than was discussed at the meeting - Please let Kathy know
if that date is not acceptable. When we reach a firm date, a notice will be
posted on the club's main home page www.sunlink.net/wacc. We will all meet
at CSR,  515 West Fourth ST, Williamsport PA.  RSVP via Kathy so we can give
them an idea of how many people to expect -  kkolb@sunlink.net .
Daniel Yoas reported on the Computerfest in Altoona produced by RV
Productions that wasn't there.  When he and Joe Smertneck arrived, there was
a huge billboard stating that it was canceled. 
Kathy asked the people on the Computerfest committee (and anyone interested)
to please begin discussions on when, where, and how the Club will hold this
event. Contact Willis:
Computer Recycling (giving old computers new homes): 
Jack Shaffer donated software and offered a Star Gemini Printer to the club
for recycling.  Joe Smertneck reported that he repaired a non operating VGA
Monitor that had been given to the Club.  We were also offered a Tandy 1000,
which the members decided not to take.  
All of the PA Intermediate Units have agreed to work in partnership with
Penn State University SCROUNGE Program.  Bob VanAllen, who works at BLAST 17
is sending the Club more info and has offered to provide a representative to
speak at a club meeting about the program.
Daniel Yoas reported that the Literacy Program at the JVB Library is in need
of an Apple
Macintosh Printer.  If you have a Mac compatible printer to donate, contact
the Literacy Program at 326-0536. He also brought us up to date on their
Novell Netware Server status.  They will be adding 4 more public access
Internet terminals for a total of 6.  http://www.jvbrown.edu 
North Central PA computer networking: 
Bob Garrett suggests the following IRC servers: voyager.dal.net,
farside.dal.net, stlouis.dal.net and glass.dal.net irc servers. The WACC IRC
channel is located on Dalnet.
*Local BBS I ISP / Computer Retailer news:
In September, Third Wave ISP (Internet Service Provider) dropped the  total
717 area without prior warning to their customers. Furthermore, they did not
offer free email aliasing to affected customers (email aliasing would
provide time for customers to locate a new ISP and notify friends,
businesses, and mailing lists of their new email address, without losing
valuable messages). It is believed that Third Wave pulled out of the 717
area due to the proposed rate changes to Bell's "Centrex Extend" service
which has (up till now) allowed ISPs to provide Internet access to remote areas.
Kathy updated us with newspaper article about the PUC's ruling and a press
release from PA-ISP's efforts to stop the Public Utility Commission from
dramatically raising Centrex Extend rates.  This would mean that rural areas
(including the educational facilities there) would probably not have local
access to the internet.  It would also mean higher prices and possibly
restricted hours for all!  The Club encourages EVERYONE to write to the PUC
and their State representatives against this action. If the PUC does not
change it's mind on this subject, the days of unlimited Internet access for
$15 a month may soon be over.  Also, if you have a small business, please
write to the Small Business Advocate. This matter will next be addressed by
the PUC on October 17, so please write your letters soon. Send your letters to:
Commonwealth of PA, PUC
PO Box 3265 
Harrisburg PA 17105-3265
Office of Small Business Advocate
Suite 1102 
Commerce Building
300 N. 2nd ST
Harrisburg, PA  17101
And your State Representatives.
More information regarding the Pennsylvania Association of Internet Service
Providers (PA-ISP), a group of 13 ISPs which includes 2 of our local
providers: Sunlink and Uplink, can be accessed at
http://home.ptd.net/~sjrubin/pa-isp . Specific info regarding the PUC fight
is located there.
New ISP expected to begin service to the 717 area code by the end of the
year -  Vicon.net
Help: (offering help to computer users who need it)
Joe Smertneck has mastered Entombed <loud cheer>! Now, he is onto Zork and
needs help with installation.  Daniel Yoas has volunteered to do so.  Jack
Shafer requested help with some browser problems,  Sharon Souter volunteered
to help him out.  Jim Shaffer  requested information regarding his hard
drive thrashing.  Several inquiries have been answered on the wacc-chat
mailing list on various questions.  It's a great technical resource!  See
the end of this message for info on how to subscribe to the wacc-chat
mailing list.
Mike Lacher provided us with a high tech presentation on Voice Recognition
Software on a PC. Using IBM's OS2 Warp Voice Manager, Mike gave us live
demonstrations of navigation and dictation.  Showing us examples of opening
and closing programs; composing, sending, and receiving email; and of
course, surfing the net!  This was all done via speech recognition without
the use of mouse or a keyboard. Amazing!
The tentative program for November is on Bloomsburg Area Freenet by Mr. Dutt
of Bloomsburg University.
We hope to have Susquehanna Communications provide us with our December
program featuring information on their Internet plans and Williamsport cable
system upgrade.
The Club has been invited to a open house at ATAC October 19th from 1-4pm
they are located in Mill Hall, PA   Check them out at http://www.ataccorp.com/
"Fall Internet World" - a series of Internet related workshops and a large
exhibition will be held  December 11 - 13 at the Jacob Javits Convention
Center in NY City. See
http://events.iworld.com/fall96/iw/ for more info and online registration -
registration for the exhibit hall is free, but must be made in advance.
Contact Kathy - kkolb@sunlink.net if you are going and have an extra spot.
Next meeting date: Tuesday, November 12, 1996 - 7 pm, Lycoming College
Academic Center, Williamsport, PA.
Local Internet Service Provider (ISP) info:
	SunLink 326-4781               	www.sunlink.net
	Uplink	327-8000     		www.csrlink.net
	Pennet	368-1577     	  	www.pennet.net
	Prolog	1-800-804-5783		www.prolog net
	Microserve 1-800-380-I NET      www.microserve.com
	Voicenet 1-800-835-5710		www.voicenet.com
Williamsport Area Computer Club contact info:- home page:
Kathy KoIb - 326-7529 (voice) - kkolb@sunIink.net (email) 
Local BBSs: Lycoming Link 321-6440, Cyberville 326-4362
IRC channel Tuesday and Sunday evenings on irc.dal.net ( join #WACC )
wacc-chat mailing list- send a message to wacc-chat-request@sunlink.net with
the word
subscribe in the subject.