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November 1998

Members are reminded that we are not holding a meeting in December. We will, however, meet for dinner at Benjie's Restaurant at 7 PM, Tuesday December 8th.

Our next meeting will be held on Tuesday, January 12 1999, at 7 PM, in Room B-309 of the Lycoming College Academic Center. Rob Colley from Hoyer's Photo in Williamsport will discuss and demonstrate digital cameras.

All meetings are free and open to the public.

Our last meeting was opened by Dan at 7:05 PM, November 10. We had an average turn-out for this time of year and at least one new face.

Correction to the minutes of October 13, 1998: It was incorrectly stated that the Club had a deficit of $8. In fact, the treasury stands at approximately $370. An exact report will be made later. The intent was to say that the Computer Show cost $8 more than it took in. Jim is unsure why he was confused when typing the newsletter.

Election of Officers:

Wayne Palmer declined to run for President, leaving John Yarosz the only candidate to replace outgoing President Dan Yoas. All positions now appearing uncontested (see last month's newsletter), a motion was made by Andy Hughes and seconded by Lou Kolb to close nominations. That motion having carried, a motion was then made by Lou, seconded by Andy, to authorize the Secretary to cast one vote for the complete slate of candidates. The motion was approved unanimously. Officers for 1999 will be as follows: President, John Yarosz; Vice-President, Kathy Kolb; Treasurer, Dan Yoas; Secretary, Jim Shaffer.

Committee Reports:

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No action this month..

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Information for the Good of the Group:

Internet News:

Our Club was founded by a group of devoted BBS users in the dying days of Williamsport boards -- which luckily coincided with the beginning of the public Internet era locally. We continue to focus heavily on the Internet and discuss new developments at every meeting.


Kathy Kolb spoke on her installation of an ISDN link to her home network. She has a static IP address assigned to her combined ISDN adapter and router, which is connected to an 8-port Ethernet hub. Her computers, currently two workstations and a server, are connected to the Ethernet hub via wall jacks wired to a patch panel. The patch panel was installed to allow her to reconfigure her wall jacks for either Ethernet or telephone. The telephone connection is also provided by the $580 ISDN adapter. It is configured to allow Internet traffic over both BRI channels for 112 kbps, but automatically reassigns one channel to the telephone when necessary while continuing the Internet connection at 56k. She is very happy with the technical aspects of the system, which gives significantly higher throughput than a 56k modem. Lou reports no noticeable dropouts or stalling on network audio feeds.

Future Programs
December 8 Christmas Meeting at Benjie's
January 12 Rob Colley (Hoyers Photo): Digital Camera Photography

We are in need of speakers for 1999.

Any computer-related topic is welcome.

Contact Information
Home Page http://www.sunlink.net/wacc
Chat Room http://www.talkcity.com/chat.cgi?room=Williamsport, Tuesday and Sunday evenings
Secretary Jim Shaffer, Jr., jshaffer@csrlink.net
Mailing List Send a message to wacc-chat-request@sunlink.net with the word subscribe in the subject

Happy Holidays!

See you in 1999!

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