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March 2000

Our next meeting will be held on Tuesday, April 11, 2000, at 7 PM, in the JVB Library Technology Branch, 123 East 4th Street, Williamsport.

Club member Geoffrey Knauth will speak about his work in porting large Unix database projects to Oracle under RedHat Linux 6.1 Enterprise Edition. (This program is rescheduled from last month.)

Our last meeting was called to order at approximately 7:15 PM on March 14, 2000. Attendance was very light, although there were two new guests.

The minutes of February's meeting were approved.

John Yarosz reported that he took over the club treasury on February 25. It stood at $561.77 and there were no expenditures last month. Several members planned on paying annual dues now that the transition of the office has been accomplished.

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No action.

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No report.

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Geoff had scheduled a presentation about his database work for the Defense Logistics Agency for March's meeting, but due to time constraints at work and home he hadn't been able to prepare a demonstration. We all agreed that in light of this month's unexplained poor attendance, it would be best to reschedule the program for April. He did, however, give us an overview of the system he was replacing, and explained that a Linux solution was both cheaper and faster than the Sun system currently in use.

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