*** Next meeting - Tuesday, September 9, 7:00 pm at Lycoming College
(Academic Center)***
    Program Topic: Newbie Night - bring your computer questions 
Williamsport Area Computer Club
Meeting minutes / newsletter - July 1997
Kathy Kolb, President called the meeting to order, followed by an
introduction of new guests. Last months meeting minutes were revised to a
3:1 ration for the JVB Senior Literacy Project Student:Tutor Ratio.
Willis Beaver gave the Treasurer's report for this month. We have 37
members at $411.00 minus Newspaper Ads and Speaker Gifts for a total of
Club Advertising / Awareness / Public Relations / Membership / Home Page:
The Alta Vista Search Engine book has arrived for JVB and will be put into
Bylaws, etc.:
A discussion was held on whether or not too seek help from SCORE on
pursuing the establishment of a 501C. Kathy will call for info.  A Checking
Account is needed for the Club, possibly requiring a Tax ID#. Willis and
Kathy will look into it.
Computer swap meet info:
Several members attended the Wilkes-Barre Hamfest MURGAS Amateur Radio Club
held on July 6.
We plan to host our own PC Expo next year. A Chairperson is needed to head
the committee for '98.
Computer Recycling:  (giving old computers new homes): 
CIL requested the 386 system that is available.  Two other requests have
been made for needed systems. The Horizon House homeless shelter in Lock
Haven and The Williamsport Christian School. We need a Chairperson to head
up a committee for putting PC's together.
Reportedly, Ken Cummings has PC Equipment to donate. Marilyn will follow up
on this.
North Central PA computer networking / Freenet site:
Volunteers are desperately need for the JVB Computer Literacy Program for
Seniors. At present, there are 45 students and only 15 tutors a ratio of 3
to 1! This involves one-on-one tutoring for Windows95, MS Works Word
Processing, Spreadsheets and Database and the Internet. Scheduling will be
determined between the senior and the tutor. Anyone interested, please
contact Andy at LANDA1@csrlink.net or 323-6055. 
JVB Community Net is hosting web space for non-profit organizations. A SPCA
site is coming soon.
Help: (offering help to computer users who need it)
Local BBS / ISP / Computer Retailer news:
US Netway is providing ISP Service for $12.50/mo
See www.usnetway.net for info.
An interest was expressed in the club possibly hosting a Freenet site.
Leading Electronics is looking to hire a sales representative. 
Other Concerns:
John reported another spamming issue. It was suggested to check out the
site www.tourbus.com for spamming archives.
Interesting net findings for the month were shared among the group.
Dave Miller, Senior District Executive of the Boy Scouts of America
presented us with an opportunity to provide a public service by helping the
Scouts achieve a computer merit badge or by hosting a Computer  Explorer
Group. The Lycoming District has 2,000 Scouts. There is a need for Computer
Merit Badge Counselors. Some of the requirements for being a counselor
include being over 18, and must register, which is free of charge. The
requirements vary age and level. The Exploring Program includes young men
and women and provides hands on demos for General, Career, and Adventures
in Computing. An Explorer Post Charter Membership provides an outline for
the program and liability coverage. We will address the possibility of
providing this at a future meeting. Interested Counselors may contact Dave
at:  dmiller@oak.kcsd.k12.pa.us or call the Service Center: 326-5121, Home:
Meeting Adjourned.
August meeting will be a Casual Computer Summer Break Meeting at Benjie's
on Tuesday, August 12, 1997 - 7 pm.  We will attempt to setup an internet
connection there to surf together.
September 9th meeting (back at Lycoming College) will be a "Newbie Nite"
followed by Jim Shaffer presenting a Linux/Unix Demo in October.  Other
Upcoming Programs this Fall may include an HTML Intro by Kathy Kolb and a
Computer Upgrade Intro by Willis Beaver.
Kathy Kolb - kkolb@kolbweb.com 
President, Williamsport Area Computer Club - http://www.sunlink.net/wacc