Williamsport Area Computer Club
Meeting minutes I newsletter - January 1997
Kathy Kolb, President called the meeting to order, followed by an
introduction of new guests.  Last months meeting minutes were accepted as
Willis Beaver, Treasurer reported $107.00 in our account, having 19 paid
Club Advertising / Awareness / Public Relations / Membership / Home Page:
Home Page News:  
Kathy reported that our web site exceeded over 5000 visitors in 1996
(spanning 3 URLs). http://www.sunlink.net/wacc  The counter was zeroed on
1/8/1997.  Our new club logo was added and our site was listed with
"Looksmart" Search Engine.   
Newspaper ads announcing our meetings will began in January.  They cost
$8.70 per month.
There was a request for ideas on a small button ad for the club for use on
web sites. Wayne Palmer offered to design one for us.
1997 membership dues are now due. To support the club,  please send $12.00
to Willis Beaver, RD#1 Box 193W, Watsontown, PA  17777 or see him at the
meetings.  Willis will send you a membership card that will be your receipt.
Details will be posted on the WACC web site soon.
Kathy has included our wacc poster on our web site.  She has requested us to
test it out by downloading, and printing it out to check out how well it is
rendered on different systems.  Please circulate copies of the poster to
your area computer stores. Thank you!
Please Note:  Our mirrored wacc site on Pennet is currently down.
We are still looking for a volunteer to search AOL, Compuserve and ATT for
local computer users to let them know about our club. If you can help with
this, please e-mail Willis Beaver at wcom@pennet.net or call Sharon at 321-0659.
Computerfest: No news reported.
Computer Recycling:  (giving old computers new homes): 
Please see this months Program Topic:  SCROUNGE
A computer was requested for a 60 yr old Cerebral Palsy victim with writing
disabilities. Bob Garrett has offered a IBM XT system and a bunch of 386
parts. We need a volunteer to pick the equipment up from Bob's place, and
take the working system, along with a printer the club was given previously,
to the person who requested a computer. Anyone?
North Central PA computer networking / Freenet site:
Jim Shaffer reported that csrlink customers were banned from cris.com due to
one user misbehaving.
IRC News: wacc needs reregistered with dal.net - Jim offered to re-register us. 
NASA Television Coverage is now on the net via CU-SeeMe Software. This
videoconferencing software is available free from Cornell University.
Video sites for the US: at the NASA Lewis Research Center. 	at the NASA Marshall Space Flight Center 	at the NASA Ames Research Center 	at Kent State University 	at Carnegie-Mellon University  at Iowa State University
Andy Hughes reported on the JVB Computer Literacy Program for Seniors (Ages
50 and up) will begin  soon, after the phone lines are installed.
Volunteers are being requested for the project.  This involves one-on-one
tutoring for Windows 95, MS Works Word Processing, Spreadsheets and Database
and the Internet.  Scheduling will be determined between the senior and the
tutor.  At present, there are 11 tutors and 16 students signed up already.
Call JVB at 326-0536.
The Sunbury Daily Item is now online.  www.dailyitem.com Ottaway Newspapers
parent company is Dow Jones.
Online Educational Courses are available from www.zdu.com for  under 5$ /
month.   www.digitalthink.com offers a free course on using search engines.
Help: (offering help to computer users who need it)
Bill Twaddell is in search of information on graphics monitors.  He also
made us aware of a UPS/Winsock incompatibility issue.
Local BBS + ISP / Computer Retailer news:
Leading Electronics has moved from the Hepburn Plaza to the 100 Block of
East Third Street, Williamsport.
NAC beta testing for US Robotics
Web TV sales disappointing to manufacturers.  Reasons discussed included no
capability for saving, printing and chatting.  For the local access number
available in our area.  Check out http://www.webtv.net 
AOL is reportedly having a rough time.  Following their flat rate unlimited
access promo in December, they were inundated with logons.  Reportedly 8
million in one day!  Needless to say, AOL is working feverishly to increase
their capabilities, but members having a hard time logging on aren't being
so patient.  Legal litigation is ensuing. The AOL tymnet service and 800#
will be changed.  You will need to use the local AOLnet 494-5600 for number
as both the primary and secondary numbers. This brought up an issue of how
long ISP's can continue charging a flat rate as well.
Other Concerns:
Ideas are requested for 1997.  Committee leaders are needed for some
committees.  We need to think about what we would like to be involved with
and what kind of things we would like to do.  Comments are appreciated!
In the case of inclement weather on meeting nights, please check for
wacc-announce e-mail, check our web site or listen to KISS-FM for
Our guest speaker for January was Robert Van Allen, from BLaST Intermediate
Unit 17.  Bob educated us on the SCROUNGE (computer recycling) Project.
SCROUNGE stands for Students for Computer Recycling to Offer
Underrepresented Groups in Education.  Its purpose is to provide electronic
equity and environmental responsibility by keeping equipment out of the
waste stream.  The goal is to gather donated computers and place them in
needy institutions such as inner city and rural schools, community centers,
libraries and non-profit organizations.  The SCROUNGE volunteers maintain a
database and broker the computers between the donor and recipient. When this
newsletter gets exported to the web (in a couple of days) it will contain a
picture of Bob at the Club meeting. December's web version of the newsletter
has a picture of Mike Lacher.
Instead of a usual program in February, we will devote the time to helping
computer novices. We've received several messages from people who are very
new to computers, who would like to feel more at ease at our meetings, and
be able to ask very basic computer questions. This appears to be a growing
need, from the feedback we hear. We'll try to set aside some time every 3
months or so, to specifically deal with this need. If you are new to
computers, these meetings are especially for you! If you are a computer wiz,
you need to come to the meetings to help the novices. Remember that we all
got help from someone at some time - this is a way to carry on the tradition
of  "Those who know helping others to grow". So, for February, everyone
please bring either a question or an answer :)
John Ramirez from Susquehanna Communications will speak for our March
meeting.  A James V. Brown Library  network tour is pending for April.
We are recruiting a Chairperson to organize our monthly programs.  If anyone
has ideas or suggestions for future programs, please let us know! Willis
Beaver, Treasurer will take care of purchasing the speaker gifts.  
Meeting Adjourned. - Minutes taken by Sharon Souter, Club Secretary, send
comments, news to disc@sunlink.net.
Next meeting date: Tuesday, February 11, 1997 - 7 pm, Lycoming College
Academic Center, Williamsport.
Local Internet Service Provider (ISP) info
	SunLink               326-4781   www.sunlink.net
	Prolog	        1-800-804-5783	 www.prolog net
	Uplink	           327-8000      www.csrlink.net
	Microserve	1 -800-380-I NET www.microserve.com
	Voicenet	1-800-835-5710	 www.voicenet.com
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