Williamsport Area Computer Club -newsletter / minutes for February 1997
Brief news: February's club meeting, which focused on helping beginners, was
very well received. Most people at the meeting agreed this is something we
should plan to do on a regular basis.  The program for March's club meeting,
which is Tuesday, March 11, will be John Ramirez from Susquehanna
Communications (Williamsport's cable company), who will talk to us about how
cable companies are beginning to provide Internet access.
Reports: Treasurer's report from Willis Beaver: $ 219.73, # of supporting
members = 22
Andy Hughes made a motion to accept the Treasurer's report, seconded by Lou
Kolb, approved by vote.
Club Advertising / Awareness / Public Relations / Membership / Home Page
Kathy read some email received recently, asking that the club focus some of
its efforts and programs toward computer novices. Most people agreed that
this is something the club should do. We'll add a place on the web site for
gathering questions from newbies, and try to answer them at club meetings.
It was not decided whether to answer the questions via the newsletter or
web. There's more info about this in the Help committee section. 
Bylaws - no news
Computerfest / Hamfest - 
The club agreed to offer it's help to the Williamsport / Lycoming Chamber of
Commerce if a High Tech Expo is produced this year. Please note, this event
could require many volunteers.
Computer Recycling (giving old computers new homes) 
Alan Cawley agreed to upgrade a computer with one of the 386 motherboards
the club has in order to supply a person with cerebal palsy a computer. 
North Central PA computer networking / Freenet site
Jim Shaffer reported that the WACC IRC Channel has been reregistered on dal.net.
Kathy Kolb gave info about a computer mentor program, see
www.computermentor.org for more details. 
The James V. Brown Library is taking steps to encourage some local
cyberspace community building by volunteers and college interns for the
benefit of area civic groups and clubs. More details will be in this
newsletter as they become available, but for now, you can visit
www.jvbrown.edu/community for preliminary information.
Help (offering help to computer users who need it)
After some discussion regarding the best ways to search the Net for
information, the Club decided to donate a copy of Digital's AltaVista book
to the JVB Library, for the benefit of all local Net users. Motion made by
Andy Hughes, seconded by Jim Shaffer, approved by vote.
Andy Hughes reports that the JVB Computer Literacy for senior citizens has
more students than tutors. If you are interested in giving someone else a
bit of guidance in basic computer skills; word processing, Windows, and the
Internet, contact Andy at LANDA01.mail.csrlink.net or 323-6055. In a related
note, Corel, www.corel.com,  is reportedly offering discounts on their
software to senior citizens. 
Local BBS / ISP / Computer Retailer news
Bob Van Allen provided printed brochures from NAC, www.naccess.net regarding
their Internet Access service. Call 1-888-494-4500 for further details.
Other Concerns:
Jim Shaffer brought information regarding the FCC's request for comments on
modem surcharges.
Programs: Instead of a having a speaker, we dedicated the time to
considering how the club could or should be a resource for new computer
users. It was decided that some time at each monthly meeting should be set
aside for giving newbies a chance to ask questions. We then gave the floor
over to some "new and confused users". Many questions were asked, and most
were answered, some agreed to help others on a one to one basis.
Next month's program will be John Ramirez, from Susquehanna Cable, who will
tell us about how Cable companies are beginning to offer Internet access
services in addition to TV. John has been involved with Susquehanna Cable's
York, PA Internet system.
Current club needs: People who are willing to take charge of committees,
program suggestions, and cases, hard drives, monitors, and manpower to
assemble some 386 systems.
Next  meeting date: 7 p.m. Tuesday,  March 11, 1997 at Lycoming College
Academic Center, room B309.
Email comments & suggestions regarding the club are welcome and will be read
at the next meeting.
Kathy Kolb - kkolb@kolbweb.com
Pres., Williamsport Area Computer Club