Williamsport Area Computer Club
Meeting minutes / newsletter - December, 1996
Kathy Kolb, President called the meeting to order, followed by an
introduction of new guests.  Last
months meeting minutes were accepted as circulated.
Willis Beaver,Treasurer reported $90.00 in our account, having 17 paid
Club Advertising I Awareness I Public Relations I Membership / Home Page:
Home Page News:  
Kathy reported that our web site has exceeded over 3000 hits on Sunlink. The
total for the year was about 5000! http://www.sunlink.net/wacc    RSAC was
renewed and copyright / credits were added.  Our new logo will
be added soon.  Our site listing was added to "Yahoo Local" . 
There have been lots of visits and requests for the wacc-announce, which now
has over 200 subscribers. 
Wacc-chat has 53 subscribers.  We received Sun Gazette coverage thanks to
Robin !
We are still looking for a volunteer to search AOL, Compuserve and ATT for
local computer users to let
them know about our club.  If you can help with this, please e-mail Willis
Beaver at wcom@pennet.net or
call Sharon at 321-0659.
Newspaper ads announcing our meetings will begin in January. 
A discussion was held regarding a request to maintain a club directory of
members addresses and phone
numbers.  It was determined that only members will have access to this
Bylaws, etc.:
Kathy reported that Joe Smertneck had sent her the application form to
obtain an EIN#.
Dave Mecone reported information on upcoming Computerfests. There will be
one in Allentown next
weekend by the same company (MarketPro).  They have shows all over the
country.  You can
get their schedule at http://www.marketpro.com/.  Admission is usually $5 or
$6 at the door, or you can
get a membership $25 for 1 year, $35 for 2 years. 
Kathy reported that the Chamber of Commerce is considering hosting a high
tech expo in the future.  We
could possibly have our Computerfest in conjunction with that.  Retailers
would need to be approached,
which could be quite a feat.
Computer Recycling:  (giving old computers new homes): 
SCRONGE Project information will be the program for next month's meeting.
Tina Prosseda donated an IBM AT, (2) Printers, Software and a CD ROM Drive
to the club.  It may have
already found a home, John suggested it for a little girl he knows that
could possibly benefit from it. 
North Central PA computer networking / Freenet site:
Andy Hughes reported the JVB Computer Literacy Program for Seniors (Ages 50
and up) will begin in
January.  Volunteers are being requested for the Project.  This involves
one-on-one tutoring for Windows
95, MS Works Word Processing, Spreadsheets and Database and the Internet.
Scheduling will be
determined between the senior and the tutor. Call the Brown Library for more
Help: (offering help to computer users who need it)
Robert Morton requests help regarding Lycoming Link BBS
Local BBS I ISP / Computer Retailer news:
NAC Staff added to ISP news request list.
Local Web TV access number now available in our area.  Check out
http://www.webtv.net for more
Cyberville BBS is off the air.
Scott Frye from PenNet was present at our meeting.  He announced to us that
Microserve will soon be 
providing the service for current PenNet clients. All customers will be
given a new local dial up number,
new user names, and passwords. Scott indictated that PenNet is willing to
provide email aliasing at no
cost, so customers can have their old pennet.net address forward to their
new microserve.net address.
Pennet is making the move from an ISP to a web hosting service and is
working on some other exciting
projects.  The changes should be complete by the first week in January.
Local ISDN service will remain
with PenNet.  All customers should see an increase in throughput.
Microserve is expected to add
support for 56k access sometime in 1997.  Microserve also offers a Pensell
pager service for free. 
Microserve's phone number is 1-800-380-INET. Scott thanked the club for our
support, and we wish the
best for PenNet, who brought residential Internet service to this area first.
Other Concerns:
Kathy highlighted  the club's achievements over the past year, and requested
ideas for 1997.
In the case of inclement weather on meeting nights, please check for
wacc-announce e-mail, check our
web site or listen to 102.7 KISS-FM for cancellations. 
Kathy presented Mike Lacher with a certificate of recognition for his
outstanding active involvement with
the Williamsport Area Computer Club and volunteer work with this area's
computing community during
1996.  A letter from Jerry Baker, member of the Veterans of Vietnam War
Organization (www.vvnw.org/vvnw), which thanked Mike for his web site help
was read. Quoting parts of Jerry's letter:
"On behalf of Veterans of the Vietnam War, Inc., we extend our sincerest
thanks to him in helping us
create our homepage on the web! ... With Mike being a student and veteran we
applaud him for taking
the time out of his busy schedule to help us with what we feel was and is an
all important project!  ... As
Mike states on his E-mail footers and on his homepage: "All Around Nice
Guy".  This doesn't begin to
describe Mike in our book!  He deserves alot and will be rewarded by this
organization! ... Mike, thank
you for kindness, patience and understanding!  Thank you for being there for
us, and may the good Lord
smile upon you for the things that you do for people and organizations like us!"
Mike will be returning to his hometown in Hanover, PA. after the end of this
semester. He will remain in
touch with the Club through email and the wacc-chat mailing list.
Our guest speaker for January will be Robert Van Allen, from BLaST
Intermediate Unit 17.  He will tell us
more about the SCRONGE (computer recycling) Project.
A representative of Susquehanna Communications will speak at a future meeting.
The club gathered at Benjie's after the meeting for a little socializing.
We had a good time and good
food! The conversation was as hot as the nachos ... :)
We are recruiting a Chairperson to organize our monthly programs.  If anyone
has ideas or suggestions
for future programs, please let us know!
Willis Beaver, Treasurer will take care of purchasing speaker gifts.  Lou
made a motion to permit
spending up to $10.00/month for the speaker gifts and Andy seconded it.
Motion carried.
Meeting Adjourned.
Next meeting date: Tuesday, January 14, 1997 - 7 pm, Lycoming College
Academic Center, Williamsport.
Williamsport Area Computer Club contact info:- home page:
Kathy KoIb - 326-7529 (voice) - kkolb@sunlink.net (email) Local BBS:
Lycoming Link 321-6440
IRC channel Tuesday and Sunday evenings on irc.dal.net ( /join #WACC ) 
wacc-chat mailing list- send a message to wacc-chat-request@sunlink.net with
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