This page is representative of the repertoire performed over the last 25 years by the Repasz Band.  Since a single year's repertoire averages 75 pieces, a complete list would be beyond the scope of this Web page!

"Classic" Band Works

America, the Beautiful
American Civil War Fantasy
American Folk Rhapsody
American Patrol
American Salute
Armed Forces Medley
Autumn Romance, An
Canterbury Chorale
Chorale and Alleluia
Crown Imperial
Corsican Litany
Eternal Father Strong to Save
Strauss (arr. Owens)
arr. C. Dragon
J. Bilik
C. Grundman
F. Meachem
M. Gould
arr. T. Knox
K. L. King
J. van der Roost
H. Hanson
W. Walton
V. Nelhybel
C. Smith
Fanfare and Allegro
Fanfare and Flourishes
Festival Prelude
Festive Overture
First Suite for Band
First Suite in E-flat for Military Band
Flight of the Bumblebee
Hunting Polka
Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2
If Thou Be Near
Irish Tune from County Derry
Lord of the Rings (Excerpts from Symphony #1)
C. Williams
J. Curnow
A. Reed
D. Shostakovich (arr. Hunsberger)
A. Reed
G. Holst
N. Rimsky-Korskov.
J. Strauss
F. Liszt (arr. Moses-Tobani)
J. S. Bach (arr. Moehlmann)
P. Grainger
J. de Meij (arr. P. Lavender)
March Hongroise from "Damnation of Faust"
Meditation from "Thais"
On a Hymnsong of Philip Bliss
Parade of the Tall Ships
Pas Redouble
Pines of the Appian Way
Polka from "Schwanda, the Bagpiper"
Polovetsian Dances
Procession of the Nobles
H. Berlioz (arr. L. Smith)
Massenet (arr. Harding)
D. R. Holsinger
J. Chattaway
J. Weinberger (arr. Bainum)
O. Respighi (arr. Leidzen)
A. Borodin (arr. Hindsley)
N. Rimsky-Korsakov
Satiric Dances
Scenes from "The Louvre"
Seagate Overture
Second Suite in F for Military Band
Symphonic Dance #3 - Fiesta
Themes from "First Roumanian Rhapsody"
Tiadaghton Rhapsody
'Tis a Gift*
Variations on a Korean Folk Song
Victory at Sea
N. Dello Joio
N. Dello Joio
J. Swearingen
G. Holst
F. Ticheli
C. Williamsz
G. Enesco
R. Mitchell
A. McGinty
J. Chance
R. Rodgers (arr. Bennett)

* Dedicated by the Repasz Band to the 21 local victims of TWA Flight 800 from the Montoursville High School French Club, several of whom were members of the MHS Band (Montoursville, PA).

Holiday Music

And the Mountains Echoed: Gloria!
Carol for Another Christmas
Christmas Festival, A
Christmas in Poland
Christmas Intrada, A
Deck the Halls with Boughs of Holly (A Merrie Fugue)
Festival of Alfred Burt Carols
Fresh Aire Christmas
Froehliche Weihnachten
Happy Holiday
Holiday Emblem
Irving Berlin Christmas, An
Lighter Side of Christmas
March of the Toys
Prelude to Christmas
Rhapsody for Hanukkah
Ring Those Christmas Bells
Russian Christmas Music
Sleigh Ride
Symphonic Prelude on Adeste Fidelis
Three Moods of Hanukkah
Twas in the Moon of Wintertime
A. Reed
H. Mancini (arr. J. Burden
L. Anderson
V. Nelhybel
R. Longfield
H. Kay (arr. Grundman)
A. Burt
Manheim Steamroller
L. Conley
arr. A. Reed
I. Berlin
R. Smith
I. Berlin (arr. W. Barker)
arr. F. Richards
V. Herbert
arr. J. Krance
S. Bulla
G. Levene
A. Reed
P. Sparke
L. Anderson
C. Smith
arr. Lenny Niehaus
arr. A. McGinty

Jazz/Big Band

Ain't Misbehavin'
At a Dixieland Jazz Funeral
Big Beat Dixieland Concerto
Gershwin - A Medley for Concert Band
Glenn Miller in Concert
Here's That Rainy Day
Jazz March
Magic of Sammy Cahn, The
Sentimentale (Part 2)
Tailgate Concerto
Tribute to Glenn Miller, A
arr. R. Maltby
arr. J. Spears
J. Ployhar
arr. R. R. Bennett
arr. Wayne Scott
Burke/van Heusen
(arr. B. Lowden)
F. Bencriscutto
S. Cahn (arr J. Moss)
C. Bolling (arr. Kam)
J. Warrington
arr. H. Gass
P. Field

John Hazel Compositions/Arrangements

Bolero Imperial 1
Buick March
Elks Flag Day Music
Erastina Galop
Fantasie Characteristique
Fantasie on Irish Airs
Keefer Grenadier
Le Secret
Nixie Weezle
No Name March

Old Grey Mare
Our Blue Jackets
Spirit of America
Trinity Echoes
Valse Vanite
John Hazel
John Hazel
arr. John Hazel
John Hazel
arr. John Hazel
arr. John Hazel
John Hazel
arr. John Hazel
John Hazel
arr. Panella, var. John Hazel
John Hazel
John Hazel
John Hazel
John Hazel
arr. John Hazel

1 Dedicated to Sir J. Walter Bowman and members of the Imperial Teteque Band, Williamsport, PA
Dedicated to Williamsport Motor Supply Co.
Dedicated to br/ua C. Keefer [of Keefer Instrument Co., Williamsport, PA]
Dedicated to the Repasz Band volunteers in World War I


Alexandria Citizens' Band
Army of the Nile
Barnum and Bailey's Favorite
Black Horse Troop
br/andon Park March (in Williamsport, PA)
Christmas March
Colossus of Columbia
Disneyland Circus March
Eagles Mere March
El Capitan
España Cani
H. Hughes
F. Velke
K. Alford (arr. Fennell)
K. King
J. Sousa
O. Farrar
P. Gowers
E. F. Goldman
R. Alexander
V. Goodwin (member, Repasz Band)
A. Button (arr. A. J. Nacinovich)
J. Sousa
P. Marquina
Fairest of the Fair
Florentiner March
Gladiator, The
Grant Memorial March
Hampden Firemen
Hands Across the Sea
His Honor
Huntress, The
In Storm and Sunshine
Kentucky Sunrise
Klaxon, The
Leonora Quick Step
Little English Girl, The
J. Sousa
J. Fucik
J. Sousa
J. McIntyre (arr. A. J. Nacinovich)
G. Rehrer
J. Sousa
H. Fillmore
K. King
J. C. Heed
K. King
H. Fillmore
C. Grafulla
D. Delle Cese
MIB March
Neddermeyer Triumphal March
Official West Point March, The
Old Berks
Old Comrades
Our Flirtations
Pathfinder of Panama, The
Picadore, The
Purple Carnival, The
Radetzky March
Regiment De Sambr/e-et-Meuse
Remember Pearl Harbor 
Repasz Band March
W. Bird (member, Repasz Band)
K. King
P. Egner
M. Althouse
C. Teike
J. Sousa
J. Sousa
J. Sousa
H. Alford
J. Strauss, Jr. (arr. A. Reed)
F. Rauski/A. Turlet
S. Kaye/D. Reid (arr. P. Yoder)
H. Lincoln/C. Sweeley
2nd Regt. Connecticut National Guard March
Sells-Floto Triumphal
Showman, The
Southerner, The
Standard of St. George
Stars and Stripes Forever
Symphonic Concert March
Them Basses
Thunder and Blazes
Under the Double Eagle
University of Pennsylvania Band March, The
Unter der Gardestern
Uplifter March
U.S. Naval Academy Band March
Washington Grays
D. Reeves
K. King
H. Akers
R. Alexander
K. Alford
J. Sousa
G. Bonelli (arr. L. Falcone)
G. Huffine
J. Fucik-Laurendeau (arr. Seredy)
J. Wagner
R. Seitz
E. Stieberitz
F. Schoendorfer
O. Zinsmeister (arr. S. Bulla)
J. Hanssen (arr. Bainum)
C. Grafulla


Bugler's Holiday
A Clown Band Contest
Cielito Lindo
Fringe of a Binge
Irish Washerwoman
Lassus Trombone
Midnight Fire Alarm
Parade of the Clichés
Teddy Bear's Picnic, The
Triplets of the Finest
Whistler and His Dog
L. Anderson (arr. Edwards)
A. Pryor (arr. F. Morton)
Fernandez (arr. N. Iwai)
D. Stauffer
L. Anderson
H. Fillmore
E. Paull
L. Gearhart
J. br/atton (arr. P. Yoder)
P. Henneberg
A. Pryor


American Overture for Band
Barber of Seville
Dedication Overture
Dedicatory Overture
Hanzen Parish Overture
La Gazza Ladra
Light Cavalry
Mississippi Suite Overture
Starflight Overture
Student Prince, The
William Tell
J. Jenkins
G. Rossini
F. von Suppe (arr. Lake)
V. Giannini
C. Williams
L. Osmon
G. Rossini (arr. Cailliet)
F. von Suppe (arr. Fillmore)
F. Grofé
G. Verdi (arr. Cailliet)
G. Rossini
R. Mitchell
S. Romberg (arr. D. Bennett)
G. Rossini (arr. Leidzen)


Amparito Roca
Anything Goes
Barnum - Show Tune
br/oadway Show-Stoppers
Cohan br/oadway Festival, A
Cole Porter - A Symphonic Portrait
Embr/aceable You
Forgotten Dreams
God Bless America
Great Themes from Great Italian Movies
Music from "The Sting"
My Fair Lady
Hooray for Hollywood
Irving Berlin Showstoppers
Jumbo, Highlights from
King and I Selections
Lennon-McCartney Portrait
Porgy and Bess
Seventy-Six Trombones
Sinatra in Concert
Smokey Joe's Cafe
Star Spangled Spectacular - Music of George M. Cohan
The Way You Look Tonight
Themes Like Old Times
Themes Like Old Times II
Tribute to Stephen Foster
West Side Story
J. Texidor
B. Lowden
arr. F. Werle
arr. W. Barker
C. Porter (arr. Robinson)
arr. W. Barker
F. Perkins (arr. Werle)
arr. J. Cacavas
L. Anderson (arr. K. Masterson)
I. Berlin (arr. E. Leidzen)
arr. W. Barker
S. Joplin
F. Loewe (arr. R. R. Bennett)
arr. J. Higgins
S. Foster (arr. J. Kinyon)
R. Rodgers (arr. P. Yoder)
R. Rodgers (arr. R. R. Bennett)
arr. B. Holcombe
G. Gershwin
(arr. R. R. Bennett)
M. Wilson (arr L. Anderson)
arr. J. Nowak
Lieber & Stoller (arr. J. Vinson)
G. Cohan (arr. J. Cacavas)
G. Gershwin (arr. C. Custer)
J. Kern
arr. W. Barker
arr. W. Barker
arr. S. Nestico
L. Bernstein

Guest Soloists/Features

Judith Shellenberger, French horn (Dec. 2003) Abendstimmung ("Evening Mood") P. Stanek
David Bailey, Trumpet
(April 2003)
Vaxuosity P. Field
Cathie Overdorf, Flute
(April 2003)
Sentimentale (Part 2) C. Bolling (arr. Kam)
Anita Casper, Jeffrey Dent,
Vicki Heberlig, Robert Skipper
Clarinets in Residence D. Bennett
William Kellerman, Euphonium
(December 2001)
Fantasia di Concerto (Sounds of the Riviera) E. Boccalari (arr. Kent-Akers)
Tarnished Six, nationally acclaimed Dixieland Jazz combo (July 2001) Coney Island Washboard
Dixieland is Here to Stay
Emperor Norton's Hunch
Ory's Creole Trombone
Tin Roof Blues
arr. Tarnished Six (Jim Ressler)
David Bailey, Trumpet (2001) Carnival of Venice Variations
Portrait of a Trumpet
J. Arban (arr. Hunsberger)
S. Nestico
West Point Military Academy "Hellcats" Field Unit (2000) Army Goes Rolling Along, The
Bugles and Drums
Gallant Seventh
Official West Point March
Special arrangement - Repasz Band March

J. Sousa
Dr. Mark Hartman, Trombone
Morceau Symphonique
Reflective Mood
A. Guilmant
S. Nestico
West br/anch Chorale & Civic Chorus (1999) Jubilant Song
Last Words of David
O How Amiable
Polovetsian Dances
J. Leavitt
R. Thompson
R. V. Williams
A. Borodin
Dale Underwood, Alto Saxophone (1998) Tribute to Rudy Wiedoeft R. Wiedoeft
Prof. Dan Yoder, Alto Saxophone (1997) Introduction and
Oodles of Noodles
M. Whitney
J. Dorsey
Dr. Mark Murray, Trumpet
Le Secret
Fantasie on Irish Airs
Fantasie Characteristique
arr. John Hazel
arr. John Hazel
arr. John Hazel
Lucy Henry, Flute (1992) Concertino
Sentimentale (Pt. 2)
from "Suite for Flute & Jazz Piano"
C. Chaminade
C. Bolling
David Knauss, Piano (1991) Rhapsody in Blue G. Gershwin
Gary Boerckel, Piano (1985) Children's March, Over the Hills and Far Away P. Grainger
David Knauss, Piano (1982) Warsaw Concerto R. Addinsell
T. Shellenberger, Vocal (1971) The Lost Chord
Billie's Soliloquy from Carousel
Sir Arthur Sullivan
Rodgers and Hammerstein

The Repasz Band also features its own talented members as soloists.  Current members who have frequently performed solos include Albert Nacinovich (trumpet) and Gordon Taylor (alto sax).

Mrs. Aletha Swartz performed as a soprano soloist with the Band for 45 years.  She was honored by the Band upon her retirement from this position in December 2000 with a plaque, a bouquet of roses, and her photo with the Director and officers was placed on the Band's "Wall of Fame."  Mrs. Swartz also has been honored by the Band's Executive Board with the designation of Vocalist Emeritus.  Her many years of service are greatly appreciated by the Band.