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Our Vision

In spring of 1998, a businessman rooted in Lycoming County received a vision of restoring the former Park Hotel to the grandeur of its heritage, returning the historic manor to the crown jewel of Williamsport, that it once was.

Adrian Brodish, along with his wife, Patrice, operate Century Adjusting, Inc., an insurance adjusting firm in Williamsport. Adrian's vast experience in renovations and construction include The Columbia Hospital For Women, Bethesda Acura Dealership, and CIA Headquarters, to name a few. This rich construction and renovation experience provides an optimum framework for the vision of the Park Hotel and the necessary restoration.

Mr. Brodish's vision involves the renovation of 58 rooms, including 5 luxury suites, and 5 rooms designed for guests with disabilities, an exquisite restaurant and banquet facility, along with catering services. A guest at the Park Hotel will enjoy much more than the amenities of a modern hotel. Adrian's vision will focus on the aesthetic features that will create a lasting impression reminiscent of the legacy of Williamsport past. Staff dresses in period-appropriate apparel, an unhurried atmosphere that pampers both vacationing and business guests, elegant furnishings, quality musical entertainment, and a level of hospitality unrivaled in today's hotel industry are a few of the amenities that patrons of the Park Hotel will come to know as standard.

The opportunities available for a project of this type are limitless. After the initial renovation of the Park Hotel, the original freight train station presents a unique opportunity to create a center for disadvantaged youths. Seven acres on the property present ability to expand to include similarly charming small shops or restaurants, open air farm markets, craft and art vendors and an area for public performances of local musicians and drama. The carriage house provides the possibility of providing horse-drawn carriage service touring the historic district. The enchanting atmosphere would be enhanced by the park-like setting which would be artistically complemented by evergreens, flower gardens, and a fountain. This setting, combined with the catering/banquet services would provide excellent wedding and reception facilities, the level of excellence of which is unrivaled in this area.