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Loyalsock Trail Information

The LT is blazed with yellow disks and red 'LT' letters in the center. Double blazes warn of an upcoming change change in direction of the trail.

Still visible are old 2" X 6" rectangular yellow paint blazes with a 1" horizontal red stripe. Turns were marked with a yellow directional arrow.

Most of the Loyalsock Trail is located within the Loyalsock State Forest, with the remainder on private land. The LT starts on PA Route 87, 8.7 miles north of the Rt. 87 Montoursville exit from I-180, and ends at a parking lot on Mead Road, 2.4 miles north of the intersection of U.S. Route 220 & PA Rt. 154 near Laporte. The parking lot is 0.2 miles up Mead Road from Rt. 220. Primitive camping is permitted on State Forest land. If you will hike for more than one day, please provide emergency information (name, address, home and emergency phone numbers, trail name, hiking locations, dates on the trail, number of people, vehicle description: color, make, model and license number) to:

Loyalsock State Forest Resource Management Center
6735 Route 220
Dushore PA 18614

In World's End State Park, camping is only permitted at designated campsites. Camping is available at World's End's Family Campground by advance registration via calllng 888-PA-PARKS.
Descend to the campground at LT mile 44.17, turning right on Canyon Vista Trail (blue blazes).  The Park Office is at LT mile 45.96 and Group Tenting by reservation is at LT mile 46.17.
DO NOT camp on private land.  While landowners have not objected to hikers crossing their properties, camping and fires are not permitted.
The LT is an end-to-end trail and, for a fee, shuttle service can be provided by: 
Connie Wilson, PO Box 24, Mildred, PA 18632
At mile 19, Bellevue Cottage has a bed and breakfast, and tenting accommodations.
Contact: Anna Alford, 12 Genesee Camp Road, Hughesville, PA 17737 via email from the link provided or phone at 570-584-5478

NO OPEN FIRES on the LT from March 1 to May 25, and October 1 to December 1. No open fires on private land or at any time between the Iron Bridge (LT mile 55.33) and Mead Road parking (mile 59.21). You should carry a backpack stove.

There are three different types of side trails used in the LT system. Note that the trail descriptions in the guide and the mile markers are organized from West to East.

  • Red X trails: Forming alternate routes and bypasses, these have both their beginning and end on the main LT. The trail marker is a yellow disk with a large red X.
  • White Trails: These un-maintained trails have solid white disk markers.
  • Blue Trails: Blazed with solid blue disks, these trails lead to the LT or Red X Trails and points of interest.  Blue Trails to points of interest are not numbered. .

    All hikers should be aware of the following tips and information:

    • The trail descriptions in the LT Trail Guide and the mile markers on the LT are ogranized from west to east.
    • It is important that all hikers help to prevent contamination (human waste, garbage, and wash water) of all water along the LT. Water should be boiled or chemically treated before use.
    • The LT Trail Guide does not attempt to give minute details for finding your way along the trail. Hikers are on their own and assume their own liability.
    • Hikers must use the Guide and maps, along with the trail markers and their hiking 'know-how'.
    • You should be physically fit to hike the rough terrain.
    • Wear proper shoes and clothing, be prepared for changing weather conditions, and carry adequate food. We recommend that you wear or carry long pants since you may encounter briars or nettels on sections of the trail.
    • For safety, wear hunter orange during hunting seasons, and do not hike the LT during bear and deer seasons, which generally start the Monday prior to Thanksgiving and continues for three weeks. Hunting is not permitted on Sundays. Refer to the Pennsylvania Game Commission for hunting season dates.
    • Anyone hiking the LT does so at his/her own risk.
    • The LT is covered by the following 7.5 minute topo maps: Mountoursville North, Huntersville, Picture Rocks, Hillsgrove, Eagles Mere and Laporte. Anyone hiking at least ten miles of the LT may purchase an embroidered LT patch from the Alpine Club.

    The Alpine Club invites you to hike the Loyalsock Trail in hopes that you will enjoy, explore, and protect the wild lands and places of natural beauty!

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